15 Simple Habits

Happy is such an indicator which affects our relationship, wellbeing, longevity, last but not least, short journey of life. We are in such a virtual connected world, it feels like wonderland where the projection of Joy and Happiness is mostly portrayed in the social media. I am not complaining. On a positive note, we see the success stories, new bonding, and the list will go on and on. However, what really makes us happy is internal.

Here are my thoughts on happiness:

1. Pursuing a hobby that excites you

2. Taking really good care of your family

3. A bit of DIY Project at your home, such as gardening or aquarium

4. Reading a Great Book, and if it is new, we all love the smell of it

5. Getting lost in nature, while on vacation, at least

6. Watching a movie or series at home with friends or family

7. Having a sense of Gratitude (maintaining a gratitude note)

8. Being in a flow state (something you really want to do and you feel great on your own)

9. Checking on your parents

10. One day at a Time (nothing beats Dale Carnegie’s philosophy)

11. Forgive and Forget

12. Taking a positive lesson from dissappointments

13. Completing a course that you enrolled

14. Say a prayer or meditate

15. Of course, sleeping

Happy Thinking.

You might want to check healthline.com for healthy habits for happiness.

Photo by Sebastian Arie Voortman on Pexels.com