Shine my Sunshine

A contemplative poetry about my daughter

The seed is sown, wind will blow,

Flowers in bloom, crops will glow.

Awaiting your piercing cry and gentle smile too,

The sun has shined, it is happy for you.

We cuddle, laugh, roll with you,

It feels like, it is so good to be true.

You crawl, blabber, touch and shy,

We happily let our time fly.

Suddenly we see your feet begin to take a plight,

Oh my, are we doing everything right?

As day goes by, our sheer delight takes a plight,

Who loves you more, you are never out of sight.

Now when I contemplate about your future,

Wish I were with you every where, near or far,

Will I see you throwing your hat up the sky,?

I am sure you will make it, hope runs high.

The seasons will change, the ceaseless sea will roar,

You and I will be surely singing along the shore.

The innocence and joy, I see in your eyes,

Time goes by as fast that our boredom dies.

Wish you stay the same way-pure, beautiful,divine,

May you shine, shine and shine.

Dedicated to all parents and for my dearest daughter “Ameena”


15 Facts about Incredible 9 am Crowd

How do we live everyday, gather motivation, cherish excitement, brave the storm but we move on exploring everyday, an opportunity or inspiration. Explore Life 365 is your blog.

It is a pretty busy life with the horrendous traffic and panic of digital biometrics system tracking your presence always. On top of that you have to rise and shine; well “shine” depends but no matter what, you have to rise. Inspirational leaders, bogged down managers, new entrants, or CXOs, they all have something in common. What are those?

1. They get up before or by 8 am. They have their clothes ready before hand, mostly tucked in closet, ironed.

2 Work runs in the headspace even when taking shower or getting ready.

The Ceaseless Commotion of Crowd

3. The lucky ones have their car ready or chauffeur waiting to drive them safely. In most cases, weary officers look for bus or Uber or sharing ride.

5. Cursing the traffic or saying “I wish I had not slept after I turned off the alarm.”

We are always running for the thrill of it thrill of it." — Empire of The Sun, "Walking On A Dream"

4. Constant check on watch or cell phone tracking time whether you are running out of time.

6. Let’s check any updates on social media or browsing the PowerPoint or notes I have to share in the meeting.

7. The fuel sign has turned yellow, VIP movement on the road, everything at standstill.

8. Damn, the tyre is busted. There goes my attendance.

9. The trees in the park. lake looks pretty.

10. The old folks in the park are exercising and having a good talk. Looks great and feels good.

11. Oh yes, I am near my office. Time to part with the driver and pay the fare.

12. The office crowd is in the queue. I might not make it to the elevator this time. The clock on the elevator shows 10.10. I am totaled.

13. Keep your head low and walk like there’s no one in the room. Ha ha, there’s an Elephant in the room and s/he is late. Welcome to the jungle!

14. What’s the time on my Laptop when I log in?

15. “You can’t check in any time you like but you can’t never leave.”

The Foggy Morning and Lake

Undoubtedly, the office crowd is mostly disciplined and like a rolling stone they never stop. They carry their invisible backpacks and become legacy. Three cheers and RESPECT for the 9am crowd.

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All the Things You’re

A tribute to my late father who has been phenomenal and full of life

You’re A mountain, A valley of shadow

You laid the stones to follow

You exude prosperity

You gave us liberty

You taught us determination

You inspired generation

You gave us infinite affection

You are our ultimate addiction

You held our heads high

You made us always try

You believed the best in us

You can be rest assured we will deliver such

You can now smile in heaven

You what You’re will never be forgotten.

Dedicated to my late father Mohammad Shamsul Haque (03 May 1955-05 January 2023) who is watching upon us from heaven, always.

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5 Great Business Taglines & Keywords

A look back at the irreplaceable taglines and keywords that changed the way we live

This post is not about finding the greatest advertising slogans. You can find it in your basic marketing book or through just a simple search. Rather, I intend to shed a light on what Taglines and Keywords changed the course of our history knowingly or silently in the course of our lifetime.

1. Greatest Hits

First, we the kids of 80s, 90s-were used to titles of vinyl LPs, audio cassettes and CDs like Greatest Hits of Bee Gees, Boney M, Abba, Black Sabbath, Pink Floyd, Scorpions, Enigma, Guns n Roses and so on. So, coining the word “Greatest” is a successful keyword of yesteryears. It has even prevailed in today’s digital marketing. The adjective reduced our anxiety as well as our cost. For instance, we did not have to listen to all the records or albums of that artist. Similar coined catchy words such as Best of 80’s, Best of 90’s etc. also made their journey in our drawer/cabinets. You cannot overlook the keywords’ coining starting from a retail record store of 90s to even today’s digital empire Spotify, You Tube. Such was the immense success of those business keywords specially in the audio industry.

Greatest Hits Business of Audio Industry

2. Happy Hour

Next comes, Happy Hour, such a a splendid tagline and coined word, first originated in USA, now popular across the globe and in top tourist destinations in Asia. It makes its mark in the greatest business tagline and keywords list. In the wee hours of the night or evening, this catchy phrase has its own uplifting. It’s a combination of positive stimulus with business hours. Thus it becomes a function of pleasurable consumption and time. The customer is happy with a discount as well as promotion with the consumption or liquor s/he is enjoying. Even when the cost would double or triple, however, Happy Hour is to entice you with its magic. The business owner is also happy with increased sales and customers. A win win game, really, a master business keyword.

3. Made in

Another greatest business tagline that crosses my mind is “Made in” (Japan/USA/China). Well, undoubtedly 80% of what we consume are from China. So, what used to be Japan’s game in the 80’s and 90’s, now it is led by China. So, this pervasive keyword you will see in any commodity you buy. In the back of our mind, “Made in” has become like the invisible oxygen we breathe before we purchase a product,

4. Made by

Another related tagline and keyword are “Made by”, such as “Made by Sony”, “Made by Toyota”, “ Made by TDK”. World renowned Japanese companies could associate their company brand value with their products. It created them immense fortune. I still have a friend’s book titled Made in Japan by Akio Morita, the creator of Sony. We already know which category of products are specialized from which country. Even when I buy a shirt or get a gift from an International store from USA or Europe, the label says “Made in Bangladesh” and it makes me happy. What’s your “Made in” ….makes you happy?

Sony Walkman, Made by Sony, Changed the Way of Listening Music

5. I want my MTV

I want my MTV in Money for Nothing

Last but not least, the catchy phrase behind MTV. MTV was a big part of our life in the early 90’s to 2000’s. I was most surprised when I heard Mark Knophler and Sting (guest appearance) singing “I want my MTV” in Money for Nothing. I still remember me and my friend playing the song from Dire Straits’ Money for Nothing LP at the highest volume in an Aiwa music system during festival time. We wanted everyone to hear the drums and guitar riffs (teenage fantasies). Anyways, the four words changed the course of music consumption. Mark Knopfler and Sting made MTV’s journey into a legendary billion dollar brand in 1985. We used to sing, “I want my, I want my, I want my MTV, Money for Nothing. Chicks for Free”. The video won also the best video award. “I want my MTV” keywords changed the world of music as well as earned fortune for millions of Artists. MTV empire could be compared as the You Tube of 80’s, 90’s and Y2K. It made us love the MTV logo and we used to eagerly wait for videos that we heard on the audio system. The incredible era with tagline “I want my MTV”!

I honestly wanted to connect the yesteryear’s legacy. We, in the digital days have invented keywords. However tagline with combination of super keywords existed since we started our modern civilization. There are so many creative slogans and business keywords behind a brand and we also love those brand slogans for sure. The discussed business tagline and keywords in this post were not fads; those changed the way we lived our lifestyle and thinking. Wish I had more time to include a few!

Thank you for your precious time.

(Photo courtesy: WordPress, MTV, album art of different artists, Dire Straits, Sting)