Shine my Sunshine

A contemplative poetry about my daughter

The seed is sown, wind will blow,

Flowers in bloom, crops will glow.

Awaiting your piercing cry and gentle smile too,

The sun has shined, it is happy for you.

We cuddle, laugh, roll with you,

It feels like, it is so good to be true.

You crawl, blabber, touch and shy,

We happily let our time fly.

Suddenly we see your feet begin to take a plight,

Oh my, are we doing everything right?

As day goes by, our sheer delight takes a plight,

Who loves you more, you are never out of sight.

Now when I contemplate about your future,

Wish I were with you every where, near or far,

Will I see you throwing your hat up the sky,?

I am sure you will make it, hope runs high.

The seasons will change, the ceaseless sea will roar,

You and I will be surely singing along the shore.

The innocence and joy, I see in your eyes,

Time goes by as fast that our boredom dies.

Wish you stay the same way-pure, beautiful,divine,

May you shine, shine and shine.

Dedicated to all parents and for my dearest daughter “Ameena”


Author: romelfloyd

You and I are on an exciting journey to experience moments of a lifetime. My belief is we are gifted with enormous possibilities and infinite blessings to experience this marvelous earth. I am a blogger who believes we can add any experience everyday- be it knowing someone, reading story, humor, word, a poem, a traveler's tale- a day is a unit of our whole life, why not increase our productivity even only with 1 experience. Let's start. The world is waiting, and I welcome you to

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