If revolution brings change, music brings revolution. A band can inspire and break the barrier between generations, envision the unexpected, create captivating moments and inspire billions. Actually, what is life? To be someone who is simple but never ceases to succumb to defeat. Ok, enough philosophy, it’s time for “everybody needs some time on their own.”

The Guns N’ Roses Live in 2022 took place in Thailand on November 9, 2022. It was and will be one of the happiest and memorable Rock Concerts in my life. Here is how:

Well, I jumped into the river, too many times to make it home

Estranged, Guns N’ Roses

1. Thunder Dome Stadium Pra Ket, Bangkok

The very talked about highly anticipated concert took place in Thunder Dome Stadium in Pra Kret,which is almost one hour way from the Central Sukhumbhit, Bangkok. When I reached near the stadium, I saw long queue near the entrance of the stadium. There were people of diverse nationalities with anticipation of a great concert. Well, I had my printed tickets in my hand and few were screaming to see that, “Hey, do you want to sell the tickets, how much do you want?” I just smiled and thought “wishful thinking”. There was an iron barricade and organizers were checking tickets. I got in after ticket checking without any trouble and said to myself, “Welcome to the Jungle”.

Inside the Stadium GNR Artwork

2. Memorabilia

Surprises were waiting, everyone got wrist band of Guns N’ Roses, and a Debit Card shape plastic cool memorabilia of Guns n’ Roses in Bangkok. I appreciated the organizer’s effort in making the event memorable. At one corner, there were sale of Guns N’ Roses t-shirts, bags, caps. There were long queue, so, I dropped the idea of buying those. Later, I regretted as the concert started after 30-40 minutes, enough time to buy the goodies🥲

Memorabilia of the Concert

Official Merchandise of Guns N’ Roses

3. Exquisite Stage, Ever Young Axl Rose and Legendary Slash

It was a time when I really wanted to say

“It’s so easy, easy,
When everybody’s tryin’ to please me baby”
-It’s So Easy

The stage reminded me of the Use Your Illusion Days’ Stage, even better with huge screens all around. The sound, blazing lighting and the sound echoed the best Guns N’Roses’ days. However, missed AxL Rose’s marathon run on the stage.

Well, like many GNR fans, I am also obsessed with Slash’s guitar playing. I have to say he is a combo of Jimi Hendrix and Jimmy Page. Every chord, bend and solos were played perfectly. The blue and melodic major-minor combination grabbed all audiences. The legendary bassist Duff McKagan and new drummer were exactly up to their task. I had to admit, Slash is still on fire with full control of his virtuoso. It was incredible display of his power and melody.

Stage is set, AxL Rose taking the Lead with Duff

All Slash aficionados can relate Gibson Les Paul in most videos and concerts. It was a great treat for me as I could see a number of guitars including a double neck Gibson (Guild Crossroads Double Neck) perfectly being played in a number of tracks. Also there was exquisite bottle green Gibson Les Paul.

Slash in Action

4. Element of November Rain

It was a poetic time to come to Thailand for Guns N’ Roses. November 9 was the concert date and who doesn’t love their November Rain. I just wished it would rain in Bangkok on the very day as often it does in Thailand. I liked the way Axl Rose and the band arranged the track. Most importantly Slash played the solos to the perfection.

So if you want to love me then darlin’ don’t refrain
Or I’ll just end up walkin’ in the cold November rain

November Rain

5. The Tracks Performed

Most importantly, I never imagined I would see Guns N’Roses with original lineup live in my lifetime. My high school years and even after that I always used to be nostalgic with the band. Their videos, audio cassettes, album arts and later in the you tube days, enjoying their concerts on tv hours after hours- were incredibly a treat for over 20 years. So, when I saw them performing Welcome to the Jungle, Civil War, Paradise City, Don’t Cry, Estranged, November Rain, It’s so Easy, Double Talkin’ Jive and a number of big hits-to sum it up it was overwhelming.

I was lost into Paradise City and thanked Almighty and a colleague who gave me the information about the concert.

A privilege to be a part of the GNR Experience

Thank You for reading. I would try to upload the concert videos. You can check them (when they are avaiable) if you are interested, at romelfloyd@gmail.com youtube channel.

GNR Spirit, Cheers.