Must Have 5 Business Skills of a Corporate Professional

So, you are working or intend to be a super flyer corporate professional. Welcome! Are you at the top of your game or just there? Assuming, you want to be such a professional, it requires certain traits to be such a professional. Let’s have a bird’s eye view of such trails:

1. Have a Vision: Often overly used, however, this is the first trait of such corporate professional. If she or he doesn’t know where they are going, they will be searching needle in the haystack. All the skills, experience, talent will go into waste-if the individual can’t say what is the use of next promotion or why she or he qualifies for the job. So, please have your own robust radar.

2. Crunching Numbers: Business is more or less a quantitative pursuit. So, you need to have good quantitative and analogy skills. Cost benefit analysis, Net Present Value, Future Value, Present Value etc are in high demand for financial and accounting professionals.

3. Priority Fixation: What are the most important tasks to do today?Josh Kauffman, author of Personal MBA recommends identifying 3 or 4 most important tasks (MITs) must be planned first in the morning or when the time starts. A MIT will be a task of 20 minutes continuously.

4. Data Analysis: It is age of data evolution. There are no alternatives to data analysis skills. It can revolve around qualtitative or quantitative research. Spreadsheet analysis knowledge like MS Excel are great skills to have.

5. Leadership Skills: You cannot become a leader in one fine day. However you need to cultivate the traits of leadership such as Self Awareness, Empathy, communication skills, negotiation skills, team player-are the basic requirements for cultivating leadership.

The above skills are only domains of becoming super duper professional. However, there are a number of skills that are beyond any reasonable doubt are a must. For those, you can read, “How to Read and Influence People” by Dale Carnegie. Wish you all the best in the rat race of becoming a Tiger in the Den.

Author: romelfloyd

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