5 Reasons You Should Grab “Thinking Fast and Slow”

We are an emotional being. So, we tend to make decision, judgments and opinions out of our own biases and halo effect. Noble prize winner Daniel Kahneman, Professor of Psychology Emeritus at Princeton University, provides us how we make wrong or rational judgment based on our thinking. So, let me present you a book through which you can minimize your observation, opinion and decision biases. The book has two (2) sections elaborated in five (5) parts. In part 1, the author writes about two (2) systems and in Part II, it contains Heuristics and Biases. The five(5) reasons for reading the book is as follows:

  1. Improve Your Decision Making: Many of us make decision based on external factors such as peer group pressure, halo-effect and with a feeling of right or wrong. As the writer wrote in the introduction that a deeper understanding of your judgments and choices requires a richer vocabulary than is available in everyday language. So, rather than being involved in being gossip we should gather as much facts as possible for objective decision making. The writer states many ways for objective decision making.

2. How Your Mind Works: Most of our conscious experience takes place without the absence of rational perception. Find out, why.

3. Thinking Fast and Thinking Slow: System 1: What happens when you think fast and emotionally? System 2: What happens you think slowly or logically? Does it have statistical conclusion?

4. Difficulties in thinking Statistically: Can our daily chores be defined statistically? Is it very difficult to observe and predict based on statistical inference?

5. Differences between ourselves: Can our life be differentiated between the experiencing itself and rememembering self?

This book can be considered as one of the best books on Psychological Research and its knowledge and insight is shown on impact on Economy, specially Human Behavior in choosing decision. So read it slow but grab it fast. You will be able to differentiate your usual behavior and logical behavior, gossip with facts and logically. You can be the smartest person in the room. So, why think, just grab the book.

Author: romelfloyd

You and I are on an exciting journey to experience moments of a lifetime. My belief is we are gifted with enormous possibilities and infinite blessings to experience this marvelous earth. I am a blogger who believes we can add any experience everyday- be it knowing someone, reading story, humor, word, a poem, a traveler's tale- a day is a unit of our whole life, why not increase our productivity even only with 1 experience. Let's start. The world is waiting, and I welcome you to explorelife365.com.

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