3 Lessons I ever Learned from an Accident

I just survived from one of the devastating soul crashing accidents one can experience. It was very deep at night. Ironically, the driver slept in a cross section of a highway. I don’t remember how many times I tumbled in the car. Anyway, my Almighty saved me from such heart crunching experience.

Apart from the accident and aftermath of the event, I learned in a harsh way. Some life learnings are:

1. It is better to be safe than sorry:

My midnight adventure turned out to be a nightmare. However, it taught one thing, driving or adventure in the middle of the night will always take a toll. Even if when you are lucky once or twice, don’t flirt with midnight angels; demon, to be specific.

2. Purpose and Realistic Goal Setting:

Well, “No”, this is not another goal vision lesson. In my case, unfortunately I haven’t curved out a realistic but fulfilling goal. It could be that I am just depending on my karma. If I had played by the rules, I would not have traveled at that point of the night. Actually, a goal can be a changing one but one must have a goal for life. I think people are more rational when they have goals for life. Goal can be categorized into many areas of life, most importantly you have to have realistic goals in one area. There are many well written goals and vision; so I won’t write about it no more.

3. Family and Family:

Are you selfish and undertake pursuit of your self satisfaction. This is where you become impulsive. You will not care bonding with your spouse, parents and children. The goals go to haywire let alone achieving it. You do not care anymore except your irrational desire, greed, fleeting fantasies or activity. That is why when things go wrong, you are middle of no where. In my opinion at that moment, only your family can salvage your ship wrecked situation.

Well, there were many random thoughts regarding my accident, however, I will be honest here, all those would not matter a lot. Be thoughtful about your life. Life will also open the closed doors for you. Wishing you the exploration of true wisdom to achieve what your life has to offer you. Good Luck!

Author: romelfloyd

You and I are on an exciting journey to experience moments of a lifetime. My belief is we are gifted with enormous possibilities and infinite blessings to experience this marvelous earth. I am a blogger who believes we can add any experience everyday- be it knowing someone, reading story, humor, word, a poem, a traveler's tale- a day is a unit of our whole life, why not increase our productivity even only with 1 experience. Let's start. The world is waiting, and I welcome you to explorelife365.com.

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