3 Reasons Chittagong is Larger than Life

I just visited Chittagong with my colleague and I found the city has become beautiful, urban, buzzing with full of millennial and Z generation. Chittagong is considered the port city, the land of great Islamic leaders etc. Here I describe 3 reasons of the happening Chittagong in Bangladesh:

1. Railway Park/District/Buttely Hill: It is a melting pot of Chittagong residents. It is a kind of hill rather than a park. Here, however young lovers all around having the taste of local delicacy such as Papri, jhalmuri, roshogola, jhal muri etc. The buzz of the crowd creates is inspiring and invigorating.

2. Radisson Blue: This is the ultimate destination for travelers who wants all the amenities of city life. From gym, spa to infinity swimming pool it is a killer combination. The food is also amazing, however the number of menu fells short of expectations.

3. Like tea: Any tea you try or not, like tea is an experience everyone should have. It has the sexy flavor of milk and tea. Just yummy!

I know there are so many things to write about the Chittagong city. Definitely, I will try to write another time. Till then, Chao.

Hill Street

Author: romelfloyd

You and I are on an exciting journey to experience moments of a lifetime. My belief is we are gifted with enormous possibilities and infinite blessings to experience this marvelous earth. I am a blogger who believes we can add any experience everyday- be it knowing someone, reading story, humor, word, a poem, a traveler's tale- a day is a unit of our whole life, why not increase our productivity even only with 1 experience. Let's start. The world is waiting, and I welcome you to explorelife365.com.

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