5 tips on How to Relax and Avoid Depression

Human beings have the innate quality to push boundaries and accomplish things they desire the most. On this long road, there will be odd times, anxiety, depression, diseases etc.

However, millions of mentally conscious people are treated as a depressed patient. It is a generalization and no one understands him or her except Allah.

Please do not treat others as a patient because she or he shouted or not conforming social behavior. This controlled approach makes the patient more vulnerable.

On the contrary, the steps that you can take to avoid depresssion are:

1. Go on a vaction with at least 3 friends

2. Sleep for at least 8 hours

3. Every day is a new beginning for learning, seeking knowlege and applying it

4. Every day spend some time with your parents. Give them gift from time to time. Always remember, our parents’ days are numbered

5. Maintain a hobby in the morning, preferably from 6 am.

These are just few humane tips. You can find resources in your university library or through Amazon for Psychology books. Please make sure you do it properly.


Author: romelfloyd

You and I are on an exciting journey to experience moments of a lifetime. My belief is we are gifted with enormous possibilities and infinite blessings to experience this marvelous earth. I am a blogger who believes we can add any experience everyday- be it knowing someone, reading story, humor, word, a poem, a traveler's tale- a day is a unit of our whole life, why not increase our productivity even only with 1 experience. Let's start. The world is waiting, and I welcome you to explorelife365.com.

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