Product Development Manager in a Bank (Part I)


Well, you have landed in your job, to work in a Bank. Impressive, now, everyone knows you are a Banker. Leading a high flyer life, is it!. Well, the reality is pretty stark. The life is now tangled with numbers, delivering service with a happy smile even when the customer is a bummer.

On a positive note, there is a function of a Bank which is pretty rewarding, innovative and at the same time challenging. The most intriguing part of this function is insights on how people behave ave. You can interpret people’s behavior by designing a product with interest rate, features, special offers. You can easily assess your product’s success by number of accounts and balance.

Skills Required to be a Financial Product Development Manager

First and foremost, you must know and apply your financial knowledge of Time Value of Money concepts such as Future Value, Payment, Present Value, Amortization Schedule, Effective Interest Rates. These are the basics that are essential.

Apart from that Excel is just like your daily facebook account. You must browse it everyday in different websites to learn various functions. Learning to analyze data will provide you to identify your demographic, usage segmentation, psychographic segmentation. It is really an impressive story to be unfold before you.

Some Important Links for Financial Skills in Excel

Highline Excel





The world of a Product Development Manager is like a explorer of the whole world. The more you explore, the better you become. I welcome you in this wonderful journey. In the subsequent articles, I will be providing you continuous insight regarding this rewarding profession. Hope to see you there. Cheers!

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